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Vital Cedar Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Allow our cedar roof maintenance and repairs team to give your damaged cedar roof the revitalized look it requires. At Cedar Preservation Specialists our team will resolve your roofing issues to make sure your roof gives your home the timeless beauty, distinctive style, and appeal it deserves.

Nothing can match the strength, durability, insulation properties, and beauty of cedar roofing, but it does require maintenance when there are signs of deterioration. That's where our team comes in. Our experts are able to remove shakes or shingles that are curling, splitting, cupping, shrinking, or swelling so that your roof will last as long as possible. We will also focus on leaks and regenerate the roof's lost color. It is important to note that we have seen cedar roofs as  young as 12 years that are too deteriorated to benefit from our process.

CPS's 8 Step Process
At Cedar Preservation Specialists, we custom-design a comprehensive process to ensure that your cedar roof is protected as well as it can be.

Step 1  Cleaning the Roof

The first step is to inspect your roof to check for damages or any problems.  Our experts will then clean the roof of all leaves, twigs, branches, moss, fungus, and other debris. If we find excessive moss or fungus on any parts of your roof, we power-wash them to eliminate this potentially deadly threat.

Step 2  Replacing Damaged Shakes or Shingles

Even if your roof has had the best care, it's still normal to find some cedar shakes or shingles that need repair or replacement. At Cedar Preservation Specialists, we take the time to check your roof carefully for any damaged, rotting or missing shakes or shingles. We then replace shakes or shingles as needed -- always using the same grade and quality as the originals.

Step 3 Refastening Loose Shakes or Shingles

The third step in our cedar roof maintenance process became especially important to homeowners in the Midwest a few years ago when exceedingly high winds stormed through the area.

Homeowner Betsy Barnes of Wheaton, Illinois says several of her neighbors had cedar shakes and shingles "literally blown off their roofs." Her cedar roof, however, stood-up to the storm without any damage. She attributes this to the fact that only a few weeks before the storm, Cedar Preservation Specialists had carefully refastened and repaired loose shingles on the roof as part of the cedar maintenance process.

Step 4 Fighting Rust

Shakes and shingles are not the only parts of your cedar roof that may need attention or repair. At Cedar Preservation Specialists, our maintenance program includes attention to your entire roof. That includes protecting your roof's galvanized steel valleys from rust by brushing on a rust-preventive primer.

Step 5  Fighting Leaks

While we cannot gaurantee against leaks, to help keep your roof water-tight, our next step is an inspection of all caulking around skylights and chimney flashing. Whenever we find an area where the seal looks vulnerable, we re-caulk to potentially prevent future leaks

Step 6 Protecting your Yard and Home

At Cedar Preservation Specialists, when we spray your cedar roof with preservative, we make certain the rest of your property is not affected by the preservative. Thus, we carefully protect your landscaping, sidewalks, patios and decks with hoses and/or tarps before beginning any spraying.

Step 7 Preserving the Cedar

Not all cedar preservatives are the same. At Cedar Preservation Specialists, we use Sta-Brite®R. This top-notch, breathable, penetrating, water-repellent and ultraviolet-resistant preservative provides superior protection. A water-based product, it is nature-friendly and environmentally-safe.

To provide the ultimate coverage, we power-spray the preservative on your roof until the cedar is completely saturated. Throughout the application process, we give special attention to the ends of the shakes and shingles, which tend to be most vulnerable to decay.

Sta-Brite®R is available in four colors.

  1. Organic Brown spray which provides a warm, rich, and earthy brown
  2. Medium Grey spray which matches the finely-aged look that cedar will naturally develop over the years

  3. Cedar Brown spray which is often described as the “new look” brown

  4. Weathering Grey spray which is the brightest grey available, matching a just-silvered over roof. Typically a 2-3 year old roof.

Although the aesthetic value of the preservative is definitely secondary, it is very real. In fact, many homeowners who have chosen the Organic Brown say people comment on how new their roofs continue to look year after year.

Step 8 Cleaning Up

When your cedar roof has been preserved, it will be in excellent condition and look beautiful. And, so should the rest of your home. At Cedar Preservation Specialists, we make certain that's the case. In fact, we guarantee our clean-up will meet with your satisfaction!

Contact us to find out more about what is involved in our cedar roof maintenance service.